What is your process?

We’ll work together with you to determine where you want to record. Together, we’ll plan every aspect of the recording process. We arrive with all the gear (except your instruments), microphones, headphones (sterilized), cables, etc. We get you set up to record so you’ll have easy communication with each other and with us. After that it’s very much like a studio recording session, except that it’s in the space you choose.

What if I need/want additional studio musicians?

We have an enormous contact list of talented and seasoned musicians with whom we’ve worked, and we can always find the right match to add to your project. Need French horn? We got you covered. Pedal steel? You know it! Theremin? Yep! Even if you’re a solo singer-songwriter looking to make a full-band recording, we can find the players who are right for your sound—drummers, guitarists, backup singers. (By the way, Sean is an extremely talented bassist, guitarist, singer, and vocal arranger.)

Are you COVID-safe?

YES! In fact, since our mobile control room is separate from your recording space, you can stay sequestered in your house or rehearsal space while we run the audio from outside. If we do need to enter your space, we are masked and gloved, and maintain a safe distance.

Do you do mixing?

ABSOLUTELY! We can give you a quote for mixing. We can do virtually-attended mixing and/or mix n’ send mixing. We stream full-quality audio to you during this process, so you can hear exactly what your mix is sounding like. We want your input when we’re mixing, so we love to have you participate!

What are your rates?

Costs can vary depending on your needs, so tell us about your project and we’ll work to create a plan that works for your budget. A deposit of one third of the estimated project cost is due at time of booking.

How long does setup take for remote recording? Am I paying for that time?

We are usually set up and ready to record music within a couple hours. Set up begins when your session begins.

How long will recording my album project take?

The answer is it can vary widely and depends on a bunch of variables. We work very efficiently, and we like to make sure you’ve got time and room for creativity. We’ve recorded multiple songs to completion (apart from mixing) in one day, and also worked on projects that took ten or more days just to record, followed by mixing. Every project is different. That said, we find that for studio-style recording, which involves creative overdubs, layering of backing vocals, and working out solos, we roughly estimate that we can get all the tracking down for two to four songs in a day.

How long is a recording day?

Generally, setup starts at 10am and we stop recording by 8pm. We find this is the ideal time frame to get plenty of work done while everyone has good energy. It also means we never run afoul of neighbors and noise ordinances.