What We Do


For Artists


Our mobile truck is a fully-equipped recording studio that comes to you, wherever you are. We pride ourselves on working with you in the way that works best, rather than approaching each session with a pre-determined process. The process we always strive for is organic, collaborative, and personal. 


As a fully outfitted recording studio on wheels, we can provide studio-quality live recording at any venue. We can also work in conjunction with videographers to help you get the best combined video and audio documentation of your performance. During this time of suspended live shows, we are still able to record and mix your performance for video release or live streaming.


Along with recording your performance, we can provide live mixing of your show. We excel at getting all the details right. This is the best way to ensure you sound great even after the show is over because we will seamlessly create a rich live sound that goes straight into your recording.

We look forward to hearing from you about planning your next project. Please contact us to get started.

live streaming

Now that live streaming music is the order of the day, it pays to deliver great sound to your fans. Whether you’re a solo musician or a large ensemble, Field Trip can manage your entire streaming experience (including videography, if you wish). Sean has spent several seasons mixing the live audio stream for dozens of artist performances at Pickathon music festival, while Petra was handling front-of-house mixes. Your stream can deliver immediacy and emotion that connects with your audience in a way that the webcam and microphone on your laptop really can’t.

We’ve engineered many live streams and live albums. We can even record your live stream set to multitrack if you wish to use it in future projects.

We would love to help you broadcast to your fans! Please contact us to discuss your next live streaming performance.


Event production

We produce live sound and live streaming for COVID-safe events.  Our fully-equipped mobile control room allows us safe separation, and a perfect environment from which to control all musical and sound elements of your event. We are able to include video if desired, and handle all additional equipment rental that may be required in the form of speakers, monitors, and specialty gear. Your event is as unique as you are, and we want to tailor our services to your desires, as big or small as they may be.

The most common types of events we’ve worked on are: 

  • Weddings (Live Sound Mixing for service, processional, and reception)

  • Live Streaming Concerts and Festivals —including video

  • Live Sound Mixing for non-streaming events like Drive-in concerts

  • Live Sound for Theatre — including recording of performances

  • Live Sound Mixing/Talent Liason for Cultural Festivals and Street Fairs

We enjoy helping you make your dream event sound amazing. Please contact us to discuss how we can enhance your next event.