Field Trip’s mobile recording studio is a 1984 Rainbo Bread delivery step van. It’s a control room on wheels that is the nerve center connecting to the recording space you choose.

Field Trip exists to record people where they live and where they play, where they feel at home or where they escape from it all to focus on the music and leave the rest of the world behind—to record great live music and share the unique experience of a performance that will never happen again. We do it in a way that captures sound as well-produced as that from a studio session. We travel to locations where music can’t permanently live and park there for a while and become a place - a pop-up venue - for people to gather, listen, connect— a spoke on the wheel of the Portland music scene. This community is our home, our people. Our truck is its house-call studio, its wandering green room, its portable venue. We are wherever you are inspired, Portland, to make your music heard.



Traditionally, if you wanted to make a great record, your only real option was to find and book a professional recording studio and hire a producer and engineer. This requires you to conform to the studio, uproot your gear and space, and acclimate to an unfamiliar environment.


We work differently.


When you work with Field Trip Recording, the producer and engineer bring the recording studio to you. In the tradition of Rolling Stone Mobile (which was used to record Led Zeppelin IV and Who’s Next in the English countryside), Field Trip Recording brings the studio to your favorite environment, where you can settle in and record for a day or a week.  You can record in a special location like a beach house, or an old church— a factory, a barn, or a theatre. You have access to all our equipment and infrastructure. And most importantly, you have access to the expertise and guidance of Sean Flora and Petra Manis, whose keen ears, wise coaching and guidance, and musicality have produced great results in studios and on stages across Portland. 

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